About Kannapedia


Medicinal Genomics created Kannapedia to publish genetic information obtained using the company’s StrainSEEK™ Identification and Registration service. Kannapedia will provide the identity, heritage, and chemistry of the cannabis and hemp plants that have been tested using the StrainSEEK service. For the first time, growers, consumers, patients, and clinicians will be able to identify the exact strain and key characteristics of the cannabis and hemp they are purchasing, enabling confidence in the quality and reliability of the product.

Kannapedia for Patients and Consumers

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing

Scientifically-verified strain information is available for registered strains on Kannapedia.net:

  • Plant Heritage
  • Cannabinoid Levels
  • Consumer Commentary
  • Reviews

Purchase with Confidence

Registered products are genetically identical to the strain listed on Kannapedia, providing unprecedented assurance that the strain patients and clinicians researched matches the product purchased.

Treat with Reliability and Consistency

Patients and clinicians who have found a strain that is effective can continue to purchase MGC-registered products, and be certain the effects will be consistent.

What Kannapedia Means for Growers

Protect Your Strain

Each Kannapedia page includes documentation that can be used to protect strains from corporations that may file genetic patents in the future and competitors who may claim to have your strain. We do this by publishing your strain’s unique genetic ID to the Bitcoin Blockchain, a disaster-proof web database, to establish a timestamped ownership record. Read more

Demonstrate Quality to Consumers

A QR code that links to your strain’s Kannapedia page can be used at the point of sale as a way for consumers to access additional information about your strain.

Optimize Growing and Breeding

You will receive a genetic report that contains important information about your strain, including its genetic health and closest genetic relatives. Additionally, associations will be made between genetic variations and plant characteristics, allowing you and other cannabis growers to selectively breed plants for certain physical and chemical characteristics.

More Information

For more information about Medicinal Genomics and the StrainSEEK Identification and Registration Service use the links below: