About Kannapedia


Medicinal Genomics launched Kannapedia in 2016 to publish genetic reports that were generated using the company’s StrainSEEK® Identification and Registration service. Since then, Kannapedia has become one of the largest public databases for cannabis and hemp genetic information. Kannapedia houses important information about each cultivar’s rarity, genetic distance from other sequenced cultivars, coverage over important markers, and more!

Kannapedia Delivers Data You Can Use!

Each Kannapedia report shows the results of mapping sequence data to the most complete and comprehensive cannabis reference genome, Jamaican Lion, and it includes:

  • Tables showing the most genetically similar and dissimilar cultivars in the Kannapedia database
  • Blockchain Digital Stamping Certificate showing your cultivar’s genetics were submitted to the DASH blockchain to establish prior art
  • Coverage over important cannabinoid synthase genes (THCA, CBDA, CBCA)
  • Plant Type determination
    • Type I – THCA Dominant
    • Type II – THCA:CBDA Hybrid
    • Type III – CBDA Dominant
    • Type IV – CBGA Dominant
    • Type V – No Cannabinoids
  • Heterozygosity
  • Gender
  • And more!

Watch Medicinal Genomics CSO, Kevin McKernan walk through a Kannapedia report

Additional Benefits of Having Your Cultivar on Kannapedia

Protect Your IP

Each Kannapedia page includes documentation that can be used to establish prior art. We do this by publishing your strain’s unique genetic ID to the DASH Blockchain, a disaster-proof web database, to establish a timestamped ownership record.

Demonstrate Quality to Consumers

A QR code that links to your strain’s Kannapedia page can be used at the point of sale as a way for consumers to access additional information about your strain.