Afgan Kush

RSP 10562

Grower: Medicinal Genomics Customer

General Information

Sample Name
Afgan Kush_19JAN2017
Accession Date
January 18, 2017
Reported Plant Sex

Chemical Information

Cannabinoid and terpenoid information provided by the grower.


No information provided.


No information provided.

Genetic Information

The bell curve in the heterozygosity visualization shows the distribution of heterozygosity levels for cannabis cultivars in the Kannapedia database. The green line shows where this particular strain fits within the distribution. Heterozygosity is associated with heterosis (aka hybrid vigor) but also leads to the production of more variable offspring. When plants have two genetically different parents, heterozygosity levels will be higher than if it has been inbred or backcrossed repeatedly.

Heterozygosity: 1.3614%
Least Heterozygous Most Heterozygous

Blockchain Registration Information

Transaction ID
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