Blue Dream

RSP 11012

Grower: Garden Path

General Information

Sample Name
Blue Dream Len Garden Path
Accession Date
September 17, 2017
Reported Plant Sex

The strain rarity visualization shows how distant the strain is from the other cultivars in the Kannapedia database. The y-axis represents genetic distance, getting farther as you go up. The width of the visualization at any position along the y-axis shows how many strains there are in the database at that genetic distance. So, a common strain will have a more bottom-heavy shape, while uncommon and rare cultivars will have a visualization that is generally shifted towards the top.

Rarity: Common
Most Distant Most Similar

Chemical Information

Cannabinoid and terpenoid information provided by the grower.


No information provided.


No information provided.

Genetic Information

Plant Type
Type I

The bell curve in the heterozygosity visualization shows the distribution of heterozygosity levels for cannabis cultivars in the Kannapedia database. The green line shows where this particular strain fits within the distribution. Heterozygosity is associated with heterosis (aka hybrid vigor) but also leads to the production of more variable offspring. When plants have two genetically different parents, heterozygosity levels will be higher than if it has been inbred or backcrossed repeatedly.

Heterozygosity: 1.54%
Least Heterozygous Most Heterozygous

The ratio of reads mapped to Y-contigs to reads mapped to the whole Cannabis genome (Y-ratios) has been demonstrated to be strongly correlated with plant sex typing. This plot shows the distribution of Y-ratios for all samples in our database which were sequenced with the same method (panel or WGS) as this sample and where this sample falls in the distribution.

Y-Ratio Distribution: 0.0352
male female RSP11012

This chart represents the Illumina sequence coverage over the Bt/Bd allele. These are the three regions in the cannabis genome that impact THCA, CBDA, CBGA production. Coverage over the Active CBDAS gene is highly correlated with Type II and Type III plants as described by Etienne de Meijer. Coverage over the THCA gene is highly correlated with Type I and Type II plants but is anti-correlated with Type III plants. Type I plants require coverage over the inactive CBDA loci and no coverage over the Active CBDA gene. Lack of coverage over the Active CBDA and Active THCA allele are presumed to be Type IV plants (CBGA dominant). While deletions of entire THCAS and CBDAS genes are the most common Bt:Bd alleles observed, it is possible to have plants with these genes where functional expression of the enzyme is disrupted by deactivating point mutations (Kojoma et al. 2006).

Bt/Bd Allele Coverage

This chart represents the Illumina sequence coverage over the CBCA synthase gene.

CBCAS Coverage

Variants (THCAS, CBDAS, and CBCAS)

Gene HGVS.c HGVS.p Annotation Annotation Impact Contig Contig Pos Ref/Alt Var Freq
THCAS c.187A>C p.Ile63Leu missense variant moderate contig741 4417641

IGV: Start, Jump


Variants (Select Genes of Interest)



c.775delT p.Tyr259fs frameshift variant high contig121 2831380

IGV: Start, Jump



c.1168T>C p.Tyr390His missense variant moderate contig121 2833503

IGV: Start, Jump



c.406A>G p.Ile136Val missense variant moderate contig121 2839605

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c.629C>T p.Thr210Ile missense variant moderate contig121 2840237

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Nearest genetic relatives (All Samples)

0 0.050 0.100 0.150 0.200
clone distance sibling distance more distant
  1. 0.000 Snoops Dream (RSP11003)
  2. 0.000 Blue Dream (RSP11005)
  3. 0.000 Blue Dream (RSP11008)
  4. 0.000 Blue Dream (RSP11227)
  5. 0.000 Blue Dream (RSP11342)
  6. 0.001 Blue Dream (RSP11032)
  7. 0.003 Blue Dream (RSP11007)
  8. 0.003 Blue Dream (RSP11033)
  9. 0.003 Snoops Dream (RSP11031)
  10. 0.003 Blue Dream (RSP11017)
  11. 0.003 Blue Dream (RSP11009)
  12. 0.005 Blue Dream (RSP11004)
  13. 0.006 Super Blue Dream (RSP11011)
  14. 0.007 Blue Dream (RSP11006)
  15. 0.008 Blue Dream (RSP11010)
  16. 0.139 Serious Happiness (RSP10763)
  17. 0.174 Doug s Varin (RSP11243)
  18. 0.182 Golden Goat 2 (RSP10991)
  19. 0.182 UnObtanium (RSP11611)
  20. 0.183 UP Sunrise (RSP10989)

Nearest genetic relatives (Base Tree)

0 0.075 0.150 0.225 0.300
clone distance sibling distance more distant
  1. 0.003 Blue Dream (RSP11033)
  2. 0.186 UP Sunrise (RSP10989)
  3. 0.189 Golden Goat 2 (RSP10991)
  4. 0.191 Italian Kiss (RSP11034)
  5. 0.207 Hermaphrodite Research Sample1 (RSP11049)
  6. 0.212 Gold Cracker (RSP11048)
  7. 0.220 Blueberry Cheesecake (RSP10684)
  8. 0.226 CST (RSP11002)
  9. 0.228 Durban Poison (RSP11014)
  10. 0.234 RKM-2018-009 (RSP11100)
  11. 0.234 RKM-2018-027 (RSP11119)
  12. 0.243 RKM-2018-003 (RSP11094)
  13. 0.244 RKM-2018-018 (RSP11110)
  14. 0.244 Sour Raspberry (RSP10551)
  15. 0.244 Liberty Haze (RSP11000)
  16. 0.249 Queen Jesus (RSP10105)
  17. 0.255 RKM-2018-020 (RSP11112)
  18. 0.256 RKM-2018-006 (RSP11097)
  19. 0.262 RKM-2018-033 (RSP11125)
  20. 0.269 Kimbo Slice (RSP10997)

Most genetically distant strains (All Samples)

0 0.108 0.217 0.325 0.433
clone distance sibling distance more distant
  1. 0.431 Cherry Blossom (RSP11311)
  2. 0.430 80E (RSP11213)
  3. 0.424 Cherry Blossom (RSP11328)
  4. 0.421 BagSeed (RSP12627)
  5. 0.421 80E (RSP11211)
  6. 0.420 CS (RSP11208)
  7. 0.416 Carmaleonte (RSP11207)
  8. 0.403 Cherry Blossom (RSP11314)
  9. 0.403 Cherry Blossom (RSP11312)
  10. 0.403 Unknown--Cherry Wine---001- (RSP11268)
  11. 0.401 Feral (RSP11205)
  12. 0.401 CS Indica (RSP11658)
  13. 0.400 Cherry Blossom (RSP11298)
  14. 0.396 Unknown--Cherry Wine---003- (RSP11270)
  15. 0.396 80E (RSP11212)
  16. 0.395 Carmagnola (RSP11202)
  17. 0.395 Feral (RSP11206)
  18. 0.392 Kush Hemp E1 (RSP11128)
  19. 0.392 Cherry Blossom (RSP11317)
  20. 0.391 Candy Kush (RSP11492)

Most genetically distant strains (Base Tree)

0 0.100 0.200 0.300 0.400
clone distance sibling distance more distant
  1. 0.388 Kush Hemp E1 (RSP11128)
  2. 0.387 Cbot-2019-005 (RSP11133)
  3. 0.373 Feral (RSP10890)
  4. 0.364 Monoica (RSP10241)
  5. 0.363 Carmagnola (RSP11037)
  6. 0.361 RKM-2018-026 (RSP11118)
  7. 0.361 Santhica27 (RSP11047)
  8. 0.351 Kyrgyz Gold (RSP11054)
  9. 0.350 RKM-2018-019 (RSP11111)
  10. 0.349 Carmagnola (RSP10979)
  11. 0.349 KYRG-11 (RSP11051)
  12. 0.348 Fedora 17 (RSP10661)
  13. 0.341 Futura 75 (RSP10664)
  14. 0.341 Tisza (RSP11044)
  15. 0.340 Ivory (RSP10668)
  16. 0.340 Cherry (RSP11142)
  17. 0.335 Black Beauty (RSP11035)
  18. 0.333 USO 31 (RSP10981)
  19. 0.332 RKM-2018-022 (RSP11114)
  20. 0.332 RKM-2018-034 (RSP11126)

Nearest genetic relative in Phylos dataset

Phylos Strain SRR4448372
Overlapping SNPs:

Nearest genetic relative in Lynch dataset

Lynch Strain SRR3495196
Overlapping SNPs:

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